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About - 3 simple reasons

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We know that picking the right size can be frustrating as sizes vary from one brand to another -- especially when you are shopping online as there’s no way for your little one to try on the clothes beforehand.

Petit Nomad offers you a different online experience. Adjustable-sizing makes it easy to get the right fit: pant length is adjustable, shirt sleeves are foldable and dresses can be worn as t-shirts so your kid doesn’t outgrow that favorite outfit. Our designs are made to fit a wide range of body shapes – the same article of clothing can be adjusted to look just as great on your 18-month-old as it does on your 3-year-old.

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We know that kids’ clothes are pricey and your investment is short-lived since kids outgrow their clothes so fast. We all have bags of clothes that everyone loved and your kid outgrew in a season or two. Now, so it doesn’t clog up your closet, you have to resort to giving them away or selling them for a fraction of the cost. Why pay so much for ‘give-away clothes’?

When you choose Petit Nomad, you are investing in a high-quality product that will grow with your kid. Petit Nomad makes clothing that last 3 times longer and can be worn by siblings of either gender. As opposed to give-away clothing, we create stylish yet durable kids attire using natural long-lasting fabrics that can withstand any kids’ active lifestyle. Safely wash, dry and re-use our clothing as many times as you like!

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We know that parents are tired of gender-specific clothing – it is 2016 after all. “Too much pink and too much blue,” is a sentiment we hear so often. As one mum laments: “I can’t find clothes for my daughter that aren't always pink and sparkly!” And yet another parent echoes this complaint: “I want basic clothing without flashy characters or strong gender-biased designs. I wish there were more options in the boys department.”

Well, we heard you and have taken your wishes to heart. Petit Nomad has created a line of gender-neutral clothing that is simple yet stylish. Our pants and shirts can be worn by girls and boys alike. Our designs are fresh, simple and easy to mix and match. Even if you have kids of the opposite gender, both of them can wear the same styles. That isn’t just great, it’s progress.

PETIT NOMADAbout - 3 simple reasons